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Marble Exporters

Marbles are in demand since earlier time and Taj Mahal; one of the Seven wonders of the World is ultimate proof of such. Among varieties of marbles, Indian marble is more famous and in demand so it comes in high price because of which everyone can not dare to use marbles in his dream house or office.

Keeping such points in focus, Janta Marbles; worldwide supplier of Indian stone offers India marble in affordable price.

We are taken as one of the best marble suppliers India because of availability of various shades and colors in marble stones like onyx marble stone, Toronto brown marble stone, maroon marble stone, cacao stone, green marble stone, rosalisa pink marble stone, white marble stone, Bidaser brown marble, magic pink, golden flowers, ice white, J. Yellow, Pink pearl, rainforest brown marble, forest green marble, parrot green marble, Pink beige, crocodile green, Udaipur green, magic orange, Italian marble stone and many more.

Our collection of marble stones are available in different sizes like 12X12X10 mm, 16X16X12.5 mm, 18X18X12.5 mm, 24X24X20 mm, 30X30-10 mm, 30X30X-20 mm, 60X30X-10 mm, 60X30-20 mm, 40X40-10 mm, 40X40-20 mm, 40X40-30 mm etc. Variations are not only in sizes, shades and colors but also in finishes like polished, sandblasted, honed, flamed, sandblasted & brushed and flamed & brushed.

We know our marble stone collection comprises all standard sizes of marble stones in almost all shades, finishes and colors even then we are open to tailor marble stone as per requirement and preferences of our client.

Our manufactured marble stones are well to be fitted in bathroom, kitchen, marble table, marble pin rolling, marble slab, flooring, wall cladding etc.

We can assure the delivery of best quality marble stones in least possible price and it is the main reason why we are one of most trusted Indian marble suppliers. We are ready to hear and customize marble stones always, anytime as per your choice and requirement because we serve satisfaction too along with marble stone to our each and every client.

we provide below quality of marbles:-